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 BankTree Online Personal Finance - Settings


The settings section allows you to customise BankTree Online Personal Finance to your preference. The settings have been split into profile settings and application settings.


All user specific settings are shown here.

Email Tab

Change your account email

Password Tab

Change your account password


List all your logins across all devices

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security; provide a token to login using the Google Authenticator mobile app

Subscription Tab

Shows your current subscription, the type and duration. If you have earned any Invite Credits they are shown here. If you purchase a subscription via STRIPE you can cancel it from here. For PayPal subscription you can cancel from your PayPal account.

Invite Friends

Send invites to your friends, and details of your special invite link (this is only available once you have subscribed)


Set application and / or email alerts, you need to enable this setting to receive alerts for a balance limit, budget limit or transaction limit. Setting these limits have been discussed in the previous sections.

Backup and Restore

You can backup your current data file to our secure servers. Select the Backup button to backup your data. To restore your data press the Restore button, all existing data will be over written.

Delete Data

To remove ALL data that is held for your account. You will need to provide your password to confirm the changes. If you also select to close you account, your account will be deleted.


All application specific settings are shown here.

Default Account

This is the default account

Default Currency

This is the default currency; for multiple currency calculations all exchange rates are calculated to this currency, such as on the Dashboard

Default Status

When adding a Cash Transaction or Investment Transaction this is the default status

Number Format

Change from Metric to Imperial number formats

Automate Schedules

When selected schedule transactions are added to the account when due, otherwise schedule transactions need to be added manually

Show Closed Accounts

Hide or Show closed accounts from the Dashboard and Account screen

Show Reconciled Balance

Show balance for reconciled transactions or ALL transactions

Hide Reconciled Transactions

Hide or Show transactions that are reconciled

Show Closed Positions

For investments, hide or show shares which have a zero value

Show Linked Accounts

For investments, hide or show linked investment accounts

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