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 BankTree Online Personal Finance - Dashboard


BankTree Online Personal Finance Dashboard shows at a glance a summary of your finances. This section will show the following tools and functions

  • Net Worth Tile
  • Budget Tile
  • Expense Tile
  • Income Tile
  • Charts Tile
  • Cash Accounts
  • Budgets
  • Reminders
  • Account Transactions
  • Investment Portfolio

Net Worth Tile

This is the sum of the cash accounts and the market value of your investments in your default currency

Budget Tile

This is the total budget for the current month

Expense Tile

This is the total expense in the default currency for the current month

Income Tile

This is the total income in the default currency for the current month

Charts Tile

For the current month, and in the default currency the charts for income, expense and net worth are shown

Cash Accounts

All cash accounts are shown, listed with the balance in the accounts currency and with a final total in the default currency


If a budget has been added, this is a list of the monthly budget categories


If schedules are due and have been set, this is the list of schedule transactions for the month

Transaction list

If any transactions have been entered, the last 20 transactions are shown

Investment portfolio

If you entered any investments and have the Premier subscription this will list your investment portfolio

Header Bar

The top menu bar encapsulates the search bar. This will search across all accounts; the fields amount, payee, category and description. Just start to type the details of what you are searching for to see a list of suggestions. By selecting a suggestion you can edit the transaction or go to the complete list of suggestions by clicking the last suggestion 'Show All Transactions Matching your search term'.

These drop down menus will trigger further functions:

  • Add - Allows you to add an Account, Transaction, Budget and Schedule
  • Import - Allows you to import OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV files as well as importing your data from the BankTree desktop application.
  • Export - Allows you to export OFX, QFX and QIF files.
  • Sync - Allows you to import your live banking transactions from your online bank.
  • Settings - This allows you to modify both application settings such as default currency, display of closed accounts etc. And Profile settings such as passwords subscription settings.
  • Alerts - View and configure alerts for budget limits, account balances and transaction limits
  • Invites - invite your friends to use BankTree Online Personal Finance and earn subscription credits.

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