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 BankTree Online Personal Finance - Budgets


Budgets are added across all accounts and are added to categories. To add a budget click on the Add Budget button either on the Dashboard, the top menu or the budgets page after selecting the budgets side menu.

The Add Budgets dialogue is shown:


Pick an existing category or enter a category of your own you just start to type the name of the category. The category selection will search for the category in the parent category list, the subcategory list and in the combined parent and subcategory list. To search the combined category list you need to enter the parent category separated with a colon (:) and then the subcategory.


You can select a Monthly budget or an average budget. A monthly budget can be the same or vary each month. While an average budget is averaged over the selected period which can be weekly, annually etc.

Months January to December

If you select a monthly budget you need to enter a value for each month, you can use the check box "Set For All Months" if the value is the same


If you have selected an average budget you need to select a period


You will also need to select the Budget Amount, this needs to be unsigned. The type of category whether it's an expense or income will determine how the budget is treated.

Alert when budget exceeded

By ticking this option you will be alerted if this budget is exceeded. You also need to enable alerts under settings.

After SAVING, a budget will be created. The budget is shown by horizontal progress bar. The value of the budget is calculated by projecting the budget for the selected date range. This works out how much budget you have remaining based on what your expenditure has been for the same period.

To Edit a budget select the inline drop down and click EDIT, or select EDIT form the SELECTED EDIT drop down menu. Similarly to delete the budget select the DELETE button from the inline delete menu or selected edit, delete button.

Update Budgets

By pressing this button you will be asked to confirm if you wish to add all automated budgets. By confirming all categories, will be added to your budget list. You will then need to configure each budget separately.

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