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 BankTree Personal Finance 3.0 - Setting-Up Categories


What is important in helping you manage your finances is knowing “how” you spend your money. You can look at your bank statement every month and it will tell you where you spent your money. To work out “how” you need to break down your expenses into categories.

1) Click on the categories section (available from the tools menu) you can review and amend the existing categories. Categories need to be specific helping you to work out where you are spending your money, for example it would no good just having a Bills category rather you should use Bills: Electric, Bills: Gas etc.

2) When entering transactions you can also split the transactions into more than one category. When entering a transaction click on the Split button to launch the Split transaction dialogue you can enter directly the details of the categories and the payments made.
3) You can also merge existing categories if you no longer need a category you have used in the past. On the categories section tick all the categories you want to merge and enter the details of the new category. Click on the Merge button to merge all the categories into one.

4) Categories also allow you to set budgets, average budgets are added periodically, weekly, monthly etc and allow you to rein in on your spending.

5) There are also some useful reports using the idea of categories, such as the budget reports and spending by category report. When running any of the reports you can add category filters, hide / show parent categories or even add a sub total to most reports by category or subcategory.

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