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 How to Uninstall our software


How to Uninstall the software

To Uninstall our Windows desktop software

  • Go to the Windows Start Menu and select Control Panel
  • Select Programs and Features
  • Select the BankTree Personal Finance Software application from the list of installed programs
  • Click on the Uninstall button, and follow the on screen prompts
  • During the uninstall process the data file is not deleted, you can manually delete this from My Documents\BankTree 3.0\

If you are getting problems installing the software, because the previous installation was not removed correctly try the following

  • Run the install.msi file from the location of the application
  • The default installation is C:\Program Files\BankTree 3.0\install.msi
  • OR C:\Program Files(x86)\BankTree 3.0\install.msi for Windows 64-bit
  • Select the option to Remove the installation

After the software has been removed you can try installing the application again

To Uninstall our Mobile Apps

  • For Android devices the App can be uninstalled from Google Play store, or from the Settings > Apps > BankTree Mobile
  • For iOS devices the App can be uninstalled from iTunes Application library or the Settings > Apps > BankTree Mobile

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