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 BankTree Online Personal Finance - Accounts


BankTree Online Personal Finance is centred around accounts. Accounts can represent a bank account (saving, current, checking in), credit or debit cards, investment accounts or assets such as a house, car or mortgage, or even just cash in your wallet. Accounts represent anything that has a financial value you want to monitor.

To add an account - click on the Add Account button. For convenience this is available from a number of places such as the Dashboard, on the Accounts section, the Add menu item on the top menu, and from the Accounts side menu.

The Add Accounts dialogue is shown:

Account Name

This can be anything you want, but you can not have more than one account with the same name.


There are two types of accounts, there definition depends on what you are tracking. If you are tracking the balance of the account over a period of time then select CASH account. If the account has shares and the value of the shares is what you are tracking then set this to INVESTMENT account.


This is to help to group similar sets of accounts together, there are some pre-filled groups, which you will see when you start typing the group name such as bank, cash, credit card etc. You can also just enter your own.


This is the currency of the account.


When you link your bank account with this account, the bank account name will appear here.

Opening Balance

Opening balance for your account.

Close Account

An account can be closed when you have either physically closed the account or stopped tracking it.


By clicking the more link further options are available. However to create an account you only need to provide an Account Name, Type and Currency.

Account No

On importing an OFX file, this is the account number in the OFX file, which is used to match to this account.

Sort Code



If this has been provided, a link is shown on the account transaction page, for this account.

Alert For Balance Drops Below

Set this value, to be alerted, if the balance drops bellow the value you enter. You also need to enable Alerts.

Alert For Transaction Amount Above

Set this value, to be alerted, if a transaction is entered for this account, whose value is above the value you enter. You also need to enable Alerts.

Once you have created an account, you can navigate to the account page. The account will be available under the Accounts side menu, grouped by its account group.

Accounts Page

The accounts page shows details of the account, a summary of its important information and links to obtain further details.

Date Selection

Select the date from a set of predefined date ranges or pick a custom date range

Income, Expense, This Period

Based on the selected date range this shows the totals


This is the overall account balance


Edit the details for the account


Delete the account and all entered transactions, schedules etc. You will need to provide your password to confirm the deletion


Reconciliation details are available in the following article


Transaction details are available in the following article

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