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 How to set-up existing Investments


This article applies to: BankTree Personal Finance 2.0 but it is still useful for BankTree Personal Finance 3.0

How do I load up my existing investments?

  1. Set up a Cash Account on the Account Summary screen to assign to your Investment Transactions. The cash account is just like a normal account, you can use the Account Group of Investments to keep this separate from your Bank accounts.
  2. Go to the Investment page - click on the Select Investments tab to see your current investments. Click on the Add Investment button to add an investment.
  3. You can then enter the details for your investment, including the SYMBOL which will be used to look up the investments price.
  4. Click on the Add Transaction button (on the investment page) to add an Investment Transaction.
  5. Select the Cash account created earlier from the list of Accounts, and select the Investment from the list of Investments.
  6. Create an investment transaction for the Action of BUY for the sum of all the shares for that current investment.
  7. For each Investment add an adjustment transaction to the opening balance of the Cash account to set the balance of the cash account to zero.
  8. You can control if you want the investment total added to your cash account, to do this amend the setting under the tools menu > Options > 'Add Investment Value to Account Balance'.

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