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Helping you to Manage your Money

For those with slightly sophisticated finances, investments can also be managed with BankTree Personal Finance.

1) Linked cash account / capital account: When you create a new investment account in BankTree Personal Finance, you will also notice a linked cash account for the newly created investment has been created. This is used to track your investment gain/loss and will hold the cash value for your investments. It functions just like a normal cash account i.e. as you buy shares the value of this account will decrease, and increase when you sell shares. You can also use it to schedule recurring investment transactions (although you will not be able to amend investment transactions). Deleting this account will also delete the investment account.

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We have released BankTree Mobile (for Android and iOS). This works with the BankTree Personal finance 3.0 desktop application. You can download both from the download area

You will need the latest version of BankTree Personal finance 3.0

How to install / use BankTree Mobile

Follow the onscreen instructions from Google Play or Apple App store to install onto your device.

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BankTree offers a number of ways to see your future balances, and projections. These are calculated from your recurring payments, which you will need to setup as scheduled transactions. See the article on how to set up schedules.

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Setting up a budget will allow you to rein in your spending in simple terms it is a check of how much money you are earning against how much you are spending. Once you know which way the needle is swinging, you can either kerb your spending or treat your self a bit more.

Setting up a budget is easy in BankTree Personal Finance, just follow these steps:

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BankTree Personal Finance supports a variety of file import formats that include support for Microsoft Money and Quicken OFX, QFX, QIF file formats. Support for native CSV (comma separated value) ASCII or binary format is also included. The OFX and QIF file formats are industry standard formats. Any application that has generated these formats should be compatible. Multiple account files for QIF and QFX, OFX files are also supported.

Importing QIF Files: The following transactions can be imported: bank transactions, cash transactions, credit card transactions, investment transactions, other liability transactions, and other asset transactions.

Importing OFX/QFX Files: The following transactions can be imported: bank transactions, cash transactions, credit card transactions, investment transactions.

If you have a Microsoft Money file, such as a MNY extension or a Quicken data file with a QDF extension, this won’t import. The file has to be a QIF, QFX or OFX file. This can easily be done by exporting a QIF, QFX, OFX from the relevant application.

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We are pleased to announce BankTree Personal Finance software 3.0 - Here is a quick list of what's included. Latest build is 3.17.1 (6th December 2016)

  • Introducing BankTree Mobile works with BankTree Personal Finance 3.0
  • Support for Cloud Storage
  • Supports Multiple data files
  • Supports .DAT file association with the application
  • Supports Archive files
  • Automated Backups
  • More user control over schedule items
  • Simplified Categories making them easier to use
  • Improved CSV, OFX and QFX, QIF file import
  • Add Attachments to transactions
  • Add Keywords for Transactions
  • Full Windows Xp, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 User Interface Enhancements
  • Improved Reports with Forecasting, View Transactions, Report Grouping and Summary Reports
  • New Graphical Charts for ease of use, facility to print graphs and charts.
  • Banking subscription service for automatic categorisation and transaction downloads.

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