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We have released BankTree Mobile (for Android and iOS). This works with the BankTree Personal finance 3.0 desktop application. You can download both from the download area

You will need the latest version of BankTree Personal finance 3.0

How to install / use BankTree Mobile

Follow the onscreen instructions from Google Play or Apple App store to install onto your device.

On your mobile device

  • Run the BankTree Mobile app, at the home screen click on the menu icon top left, and select the Settings menu item.
  • Select the Enable Google Drive or Enable Dropbox option.
  • Your browser on your mobile will open taking you to the Dropbox / Google Drive app permissions page. You need to log in with your cloud account and allow BankTree Mobile permissions to use your cloud folder.
  • You also need to select the option Synch with BankTree desktop.
  • After you have given permissions an Apps\BankTree folder will be created in Dropbox / Google Drive.

On the Desktop application

  1. Install Dropbox or Google Drive on your Windows computer.
  2. Set the Dropbox / Google Drive service to run at startup, you will need to use the same account you are using on the mobile.
  3. Run BankTree Personal Finance 3.0 on the desktop. Go to File > Settings and set the Cloud location, this is the folder where the Dropbox / Google Drive files are stored (for instance for Dropbox this is c:\users\user\dropbox\Apps\BankTree), click on the Browse button to do this, then click Ok.
  4. To synchronise your files make sure Dropbox / Google Drive is running and then go to File > Cloud Synchronisation or press F7.

To update your files on the desktop you then need to select cloud synchronisation. Once done, to update the files on the mobile either restart the mobile app or pull down the spinner on the Dashboard to refresh. BankTree Mobile will show all cash accounts only.

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