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We have updated our banking subscription service for BankTree personal finance 3.0, and the Bank Sync feature for BankTree online, to include support for Open Banking for the UK (or PDS2 Banking regulations in Europe). This service will allow you to download live transactions from your Bank directly into our desktop and cloud applications, and automatically categorised.

Monthly subscriptions are only £3.50 per month, with the option of purchasing a yearly subscription for £35.00 giving 2 months access for free. We have added support for over 50 institutions in the UK and Europe, Click Here to check if your bank is supported. To get access to the banking subscription service select the option from the Order Page when making your purchase.

Details of how to setup the banking subscription service can be found in this support article

To download the latest version please visit the download area

Frequently Asked Questions

Which UK Banks do you support?

We support over 50 banks and finance institutions in the UK and Europe at the moment, you can check using this link for which ones are available.

How many Banks will my monthly subscription cover?

Your monthly subscription will give you access to 3 banks, this includes deleted logins. Any additional banks are charged at £1 per bank per month.

Do I need a separate subscription per computer?

You only need ONE, subscription it can be used on multiple computers without additional charge. For each computer you are using you will need to make sure you have the BankTree personal finance software installed. For each installation per computer, this is just a one-off fee of £5.00.

How many months of transactions can I download?

You can download three months of transactions, this is the limit set by the banking provider.

Will you have access to my Bank Details?

No, we do not store details of your Bank logons on our servers. Your details are stored locally on your computer and passed via the TrueLayer service to access your accounts.

How secure is my data ?

TrueLayer uses high level banking security 2048 bit encryption on its website when you access its service.

How can I trial the banking subscription service?

If you are running the 30-day trial of BankTree Personal Finance software, you can purchase a one month subscription. This will be a one-off payment, and not a recurring charge, and can not be cancelled.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you have already purchased the BankTree Personal Finance software (before purchasing the subscription service), then the subscription package will be either a recurring monthly payment or a recurring yearly payment. You can cancel this at any time before the next payment is due. You can continue to use the service until the subscription period ends. If you purchase the BankTree personal finance software with your subscription, you will need to renew the subscription when it expires.


Updated 7th August 2020

Updated 26th February 2023

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