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 BankTree Online Personal Finance - Payees


BankTree Online Personal Finance allows the management of payees. Go to the payees side menu to open the payees page.

If no transactions / schedules are using an existing payee you can remove the payee.

On the payee page you can select the date range this will pull the transactions across all accounts which are allocated for the payees that are shown - showing the income, expense and total for the selected period. The total figures have been converted to the default currency, where you have more than one currency assigned against your accounts.

To add a payee click on the Add Payee button, the add payee dialogue is shown.


This is the payee name. Duplicate payee names are not allowed

Import If Contains

During a manual file import or for the banking synchronisation. This field is used to determine if the current payee is used instead of the value being imported. Enter the text that will capture the payee name as it is imported. For example if the imported payee is TESCO STORE 123456, set this value to TESCO and set the Payee Name to Tesco Store. So any variation of the TESCO is imported into the payee Tesco Store. This is an optional field.

On saving the payee the payee is available in the payee page.

Inline Edit Menu

In the Payee screen there are further options available by editing the payee inline. Click on the drop down arrow for the payee row that has been added. This will show the inline menu buttons EDIT, and DELETE


This will show the EDIT dialogue allowing you to edit the payee.


Select this to DELETE the payee. You can only delete a payee if no transaction or schedules are using the payee.

Inline Editing

This is available as an alternative to the EDIT menu option, and allows you to change the details of the payee within the grid. By clicking a row within the grid you can amend the selection such as Payee and Import Text. After making the change click the Tick button to save the change for the row.

The grid is also flexible allowing you to increase or decrease the number of rows that are show from 10 to 100. You can also enter a search text for the grid and all matching entries for the current account will be found.

Merging Payees

To merge multiple payees into a single payee - select all the payees you want to merge. From the Selected Edit menu click the EDIT button. The Merge dialogue will be shown. Enter the new payee details and press SAVE

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