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 BankTree Online Personal Finance - Schedules


In BankTree Online Personal Finance schedules are added to Accounts and they are used to enter recurring transactions, and for forecasting. Schedules can be added for both Cash and Investment Accounts.

To add a schedule click on the Add schedule button either on the Dashboard, or after selecting the Schedule side menu.

The Add Schedule dialogue is shown:


The available options are Income, Expense and Transfer. This selection is the same as for adding a transaction


The amount or value for the schedule, you do not need to enter a minus sign as the schedule type will determine what sign to use

Start Date

The start date for the schedule.


Make a selection for Repeat, For example, to have a monthly recurring schedule select Monthly for repeat


The schedule can be created forever or for a number of events. If you select "events" you will then need to pick the number of events the schedule will run, before ending.


Select or enter the account. The selected account, is the default account if no account page has been selected


Enter a category by starting to type category name, the suggestions will become populated, allowing you to make a selection


Enter a payee by starting to type a name of the payee, and the suggestion list will become populated.

The fields entered so far will provide the minimum fields required to create a schedule, the following fields are optional. By pressing the MORE link further options are available

Apply Tax

If the selected category has been set up with an accompanying sales / VAT tax category, then checking this tick box will automatically create a split transaction with the appropriate net amount and tax amount


Add a description / narrative for your transaction


Add a reference or Cheque Number

After SAVING, the schedule is shown in the schedule list or the schedule calendar becomes populated with the forthcoming schedules. To automatically add the schedule to your accounts you need to enable the following setting. Go to the Settings icon and select Application. On the Application settings dialogue check the Automate Schedules option, and save the changes. If this is not set you will need to use the ADD option, to manually create the schedule transaction.

Inline Edit Menu

In the schedule screen there are further options available by editing the schedule, inline. Click on the drop down arrow for the schedule row that has been added. This will show the inline menu buttons ADD, EDIT, COPY, SPLIT and DELETE


This will allow you to manually ADD the schedule transaction to the selected Account. This is not required if you using the Automated Schedules option.


Use this option to advance the schedule to the next payment date without adding the schedule to the account.


This will show the EDIT dialogue allowing you to edit the schedule.


The schedule is copied to the account assigned in the schedule.


The SPLIT transaction dialogue is shown allowing you to add further categories and amount for the split schedule


Select this to DELETE the schedule

Inline Editing

This is available as an alternative to the EDIT menu option, and allows you to change the details of the schedule within the grid. By clicking a schedule within the grid you can amend the selection such as Account, Start Date, Period, Times, Payee, Category, Ref, Description, and Amount. After making the change click the Tick button to save the change for the schedule row.

Bulk Editing

This allows making changes to a number of schedules in one go. You first select the schedule, just by clicking the row, so the row becomes highlighted. To select ALL; check the tick box for the header at the top. After making your selection the SELECTED EDIT drop down menu will become enabled. The bulk edit menu will allow you to ADD, COPY and DELETE for the selected schedules. The functionality for this is the same as that previously discussed for the inline menu options.

Investment Accounts

To add a schedule for an investment, follow the above process to add a schedule to a linked cash account. For an actual investment transaction you can follow the process to make the investment transaction a recurring transaction. As not all Investment Actions are suitable for making them into recurring schedule items. It is possible to create a schedule item for the investment type of Buy, Sell, Dividend and Return of Capital.

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