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 BankTree Online Personal Finance - Split Transactions / Schedules


In BankTree Online Personal Finance split transactions and split schedules are created after adding the transaction or schedule. The SPLIT menu item will only work when you a have a single item selected. For example in the Account transaction page the Selected Edit menu will become enabled with you select a single item, the SPLIT menu item will not operate when multiple items have been selected.

After selecting a single item. Click on the SPLIT button, the Split dialogue is displayed:


The value for the split, the amount needs to be signed if this is an expense or unsigned if this is an income


type in the name of the category and select from the suggestion.


Add a description / narrative for your split


Add a reference or Cheque Number

This completes the first row to add more rows to the split click the Add Row button. Then repeat the process for the new row. The amount and category needs to be completed for each row. If a row has been added in error click the delete button. On completion press the SAVE button.

After the SPLIT is saved the original transaction is updated, the amount is updated to be the sum of the total value of the split transaction. The category field is amended to show a list of all split categories and a SPLIT icon is shown. If you need to amend the split you need to click the SPLIT icon or the click the SPLIT button for the selected transaction.

It is possible to add a Split Transfer this is a type of transaction where instead of selecting the category for the split (in the split dialogue) the transfer or the "Account To" is selected by entering the name of the Transfer account in the category text. The account will be shown with a transfer icon. The account must exist in the system before you can make a selection otherwise a new category will be created if no transfer account exists.

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