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BankTree Desktop Personal Finance

Our desktop personal finance software (Windows) packed with functionality and driven by ease of use. Users can easily manage their finances.

  • Setup cash or investment accounts, to which you can assign your bank details.
  • Support for multiple currencies.
  • Set opening balances and close accounts to help with your year end.
  • Subscribe to our banking service to download live transaction from your Bank, and have them automatically categorised.
  • Import your bank statement from your bank or other financial packages, Import from Microsoft Money or Quicken (OFX, QFX, QIF files), Export to Microsoft Excel.
  • All major UK Banks, and US Banks are supported. With support for over 2,500 financial institutions in 55 countries worldwide.
  • Manually key in your payment and receipt details, if you choose to do so.
  • Add income, expenditure, and transfers between accounts, split transactions between different categories and transfers.
  • Choose from the existing categories and payment types or add and amend your own. Merge details of existing categories, payees, payment types.
  • Choose from 10 reports, that show how you finances are doing. Add filters, grouping, currency and charting features.
  • Add scheduled payments, such as Income and expenditure, and transfers between accounts. Choosing to add to your account transactions immediately or at a later date.
  • Add investments, download up to date prices, and investment transactions such as dividends, stock and shares, record your share movements and share price history.
  • Reconcile your cash accounts against your statements.
  • Variety of helpful tools, including a loan and mortgage calculator.
  • Get BankTree Desktop Personal Finance Software, and manage multiple accounts.

Start to benefit from BankTree Desktop Personal Finance software today. For up to date price information and to find out how to make a purchase go here.

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Prices are charged on the Order Page, according to your country of residence. Currently this is £35 (inc VAT) for UK residence, EUR 35 (plus EU VAT) for European residence, and $40 for US and other countries.

What people are saying about BankTree Personal Finance Software

Suitable for my needs. I use to use Microsoft Money but it is no longer available in the UK. This product is different from Money but I am getting use to it.

BankTree Desktop Personal Finance Software

"This is just to say a huge thank you for your software. I have been using a very old UK version of Quicken for ages and I knew at some point I would have to move from Qicken as it is not supported for UK any longer. As I have used it since 2006 I was worried that I would find it hard to use a different financial package. I was forced into getting new software because my work will no longer allow unauthorised software on my work laptop and the version of Quicken I had would not load on my new personal laptop as it is Windows 7. I found your website through Google and because it was recommended by Which? and I decided to go with you and downloaded it two days ago. It is so wonderfully easy to use and I am over the moon that I could import all my accounts and history from Quicken. Thanks you again, and long may you continue developing your personal finance package!"  

BankTree Desktop Personal Finance Software

BankTree has shown that they are committed to improving their product year by year, and if they continue this trend, we could see their software competing for a spot in our top three - Top Ten Reviews.

BankTree Desktop Personal Finance Software

Editors Pick - Brothersoft

BankTree Desktop Personal Finance Software
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