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BankTree Personal Finance software is available now for just £35.00. We will provide you with free email support, and free updates, and bug fixes to the current version of BankTree Personal Finance version 3.0. You can install the software on one computer. Any additional installations are charged at just £5.00 per computer. If you would like to trial the software, before buying download the fully functional 30 day free trial. To see a full list of features available please go to the BankTree Personal Finance product page.

Our banking subscription service allows you to download live transactions from your bank directly into the BankTree Personal Finance application. We have added support for over 2,500 institutions worldwide, Click Here to check if your bank is supported.

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1 x BankTree Personal Finance software 3.0 With FREE updates and FREE email support, with use on one computer £ 0.00  
1 x Banking subscription service 12 Months access includes 2 Months FREE £ 0.00  
1 x Banking subscription service 1 Months access £ 0.00  
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  You have received a 5% Early Bird Discount on the software, as you purchased within 3 days of your trial    
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To get the early bird discount you must download and install the trial software. Purchase within 3 days of the start of your 30 day trial, and use the Buy Now payment method on the application splash screen.

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