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 BankTree Mobile and BankTree Desktop Dropbox Folder File Synchronising


When synchronising files between the BankTree Desktop application and the Mobile app using Dropbox the folder has changed.

You are also shown what permissions you are giving to the mobile app when you enable Dropbox authorization.

dropbox permissions

Taken from the following article:

"Run BankTree Personal Finance 3.0 on the desktop. Go to File > Settings and set the Cloud location, this is the folder where the BankTree Dropbox files are stored (Dropbox > Apps > BankTree), click on the Browse button to do this, then click Ok."

cloud folder

You need the latest version of the BankTree Desktop Application (3.16.7 - July 2016) allowing you to make the change to the folder.

The old folder was Dropbox > BankTree

This has now changed to Dropbox > Apps > BankTree

The old folder required the application to have FULL access to your Dropbox content this now means our app only has access to the Apps > BankTree folder. 


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