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This update contains the following changes

  • Due to the unreliability of Adobe Flash Player and dwindling support for this platform. We have now updated our software (BankTree Personal Finance 3.16.1) To no longer use Adobe Flash Player to display charts.
  • Update to decrease time for chart rendering (15th January 2016)

To get these changes download the software from our web site.

If you have BankTree Personal Finance software 3.0 already installed:

  • After backing up your data file, go to the help menu and select check for updates
  • If you are prompted to restart your computer - this means the install manager has been updated only. You would therefore need to re-run the check for updates after the reboot
  • You will be able to run both version 2.0 of BankTree Personal Finance and 3.0 side by side.
  • BankTree Mobile will only synchronise with BankTree personal finance 3.0.

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