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Helping you to Manage your Money

  • Investment Price Fix
  • Allocated Items
  • Interface changes
  • New Un-Reconciled transaction view - under the view menu
  • Report fix for allocated items not showing for cleared and reconciled items For all reports
  • CSV file import fix for skipping first line and date formats
  • Include group by separator for amounts
  • Future forecasting increased to 10 years
  • Access your accounts from the Accounts menu
  • Amended Category Filter allows selection of parent categories only
  • minor interface tweaks etc

To get these changes download the software from our web site (If you have not installed before).

To update an existing version:

  • After backing up. Go to the Help menu and select Check for Updates.
  • After installation you will get a "data type mismatch in query expression" error message and your data will not appear.
  • To correct this error and update the data file go to the Tools Menu and select Validate File

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