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Using BankTree’s personal finance software you can eliminate debt. Having many financial institutions — such as banks, credit card companies, store card etc, debt can quickly build up without you noticing. With most people having multiple credit cards (on average up to 8) to know what your debt is — is the first step in trying to sort it out without the need to resorting to expensive financial consultants, and more debt in the form of consolidated loans.

Using the BankTree personal finance software you can get a consolidated view of your debt, across all your financial institutions, and know how much you owe.

Using the BankTree personal finance software, save time by automatically downloading banking, credit card, and other information from your financial institution instead of entering it manually. Most financial institutions provide the ability for you to view your account balance using the Internet, and will also provide a mechanism to download this information to your PC. Follow the instructions contained in the BankTree personal finance application regarding file imports to have this information readily available.

Use the BankTree personal finance ‘Reconcile Account’ feature to reconcile your bank balance — keeping tabs on your checked and unchecked balance.

Using the BankTree personal finance software, you can set up budgets against each category, and set up regular payments (schedule payments) such as bills, or expected income on a recurring basis be this daily, weekly or monthly etc. By viewing the Budget report - select the date range you need to know your budget for, and have this calculated for you, allowing you to save or spend with better control.

Using the BankTree personal finance software, not only do you have a simple and easy mechanism to enter your financial information — you also benefit from up to 10 different reports ranging from standard bank statements to monthly income and expenditure. Examine how you spend your money; by category, or how well you are sticking to your budget, or even to whom you are making regular payments to, and even by payment type!

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