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 BankTree Online Personal Finance - BankTree Mobile


BankTree Online Personal Finance will allow file synchronisation with BankTree Mobile. BankTree Mobile (for Android and iOS), can be download from the download area

If you need to synchronize your files with BankTree Desktop and BankTree mobile then please go to this article here.

How to install / use BankTree Mobile

Follow the onscreen instructions from Google Play or Apple App store to install onto your device.

On your mobile device

  1. Run the BankTree Mobile app, at the home screen click on the menu navigation button top left and then select the Settings menu option.
  2. Select the Enable BankTree Online toggle.
  3. You will then be asked to enter your login details for BankTree Online Personal Finance. If you do not have an account you can also register by pressing the SIGN UP button. Once you have entered your login details press LOGIN.

File Synchronisation

  • Files are automatically updated on BankTree Online Personal Finance (form the mobile app) no further action is required.
  • To update the files on the mobile either restart the mobile app or pull down the refresh spinner on the Dashboard. This will pick up the files from the web site and update the files on your mobile.
  • You can also selectively synchronize your accounts on the mobile app - only those accounts selected as favorites (which have a star next to them in the accounts page), will be updated.
  • File synchronisation from the mobile app will also work offline. You can add transactions on the mobile without an internet connection. Once you do connect, all transactions added will be updated to the web app.
  • To prevent making too many file synchronization request, there is a 5 minute delay between requests.

BankTree Mobile will show only cash accounts and not investments.

11th November 2017

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