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 BankTree Personal Finance software 3.0 (24th December 2013)


Hi there,

After a very long run with version 2.0 of BankTree Personal Finance, we got our heads down for the last couple of months and came up with version 3.0.

So what's happening with version 2.0

BankTree 2.0 will still continue to work side by side with the newest version. The data file upgrade is built into the new application you simply select your old data file and and it will convert it to the new version leaving your original file alone. You will be able to work on both versions without issue.

However you will not be able to purchase version 2.0 any more, or reactivate it if you have lost your data file for example. You can obtain support for version 2.0, by raising a premium support ticket.

If you are an existing customer, you can upgrade to BankTree Personal Finance 3.0, for £30.00. You must use your original email address when making your purchase, for the discount to be applied. If you are making a new purchase of BankTree Personal Finance 3.0, then the  cost is £35.00.

Please like our facebook page as we will also be using this more to provide more information of updates and future plans.

24th December 2014

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