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We are pleased to announce BankTree Personal Finance software 2.0 - Here is a quick list of what is new. Latest build is 2.13.6 (25th June 2013)

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Microsoft will no longer be selling Microsoft Money after the end of June 2009. Microsoft Money - Microsoft's Personal Finance software will only be supported up to January 2011. You'll still be able to use it on your PC after that, but will lose the ability to get automated data feeds.

If you are an Ex-Microsoft Money user you can use our BankTree Personal Finance software. You would need to export your Microsoft Money data into OFX or QIF file format. You can then import this into BankTree Personal Finance.

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"BankTree has shown that they are committed to improving their product year by year, and if they continue this trend, we could see their software competing for a spot in our top three"

BankTree Received a popularity rating of over 90% (Jan - Feb 2008)


BankTree received an average user rating of 5/5 stars (2007/2008)

BankTree Personal is a personal finance management software program that was designed for the European market of the United Kingdom. Most software critics will agree that BankTree is among the few personal finance software programs with the lowest price tag, making it a valuable tool for individuals with lower net worth totals.

Regardless, [BankTree Personal] will allow you to get the ball rolling when it comes to managing your personal finances, perhaps becoming a stepping-stone to allowing you to potentially increase your savings and maximize your money.

Similar to many of its competitors, BankTree Personal allows users to consolidate their financial accounts so that they can be easily viewed and managed from one platform. The software also enables users to access visual representations of their spending habits and cash flow. There are [ten] cash flow charts available on the software so users can gather a much more precise understanding of how much they spend, where they spend it, and where to cut back when trying to save.

Personally, I think that a lot of individuals that are just beginning to learn the ropes when it comes to financial planning and budgeting can definitely benefit from BankTree Personal. BankTree Personal is a great option for financial planning novices, and you certainly cannot beat the price..

Krystle Hernandez

Rating 5/5 Stars


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